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Character Design Masterclass
Draw with Courage is a brand new online resource dedicated to strengthening the creative courage of artists and designers. Our first character design masterclass is launching soon!

What you'll learn in the course:


Journey alongside our lead instructor James as he goes through the entire process of character design, in a series of transparent, candid and practical videos.

  • Watch and learn at your own pace through a series of video lessons that will leave you inspired and hungry to grab a sketchbook
  • We'll demonstrate our teaching in real-time, by showing you, not just telling you
  • We won't hide the dead ends, bad sketches or happy accidents

Uncover a new way to approach the blank canvas and transmit your values, heart and imagination into your creations.

  • Learn research & pre-drawing methods, how to forge tone, mood and define boundaries that will establish your vision
  • Harness the fundamental power of shape, silhouette and colour to visually communicate your characters with clarity
  • Learn how to stay 'art naked' and share your works in progress

Enjoy and utilise a library of resources, inspirational content and experiences hard won through the journey of a 10+ years professional artist.

  • Templates, brushes, software tips and tricks and much much more!
  • PDFs of key lessons, guides and visual thinking strategies
  • Share your creations and connect with a network of new artists

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