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Character design basics course

This course is currently closed for registration and will reopen later this year.

What's inside?

Take a look at what you can expect to learn over the next 7 days.

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Establishing Tone

Prior to Pencil: We'll help define who you want to draw, and through establishing mood, traits and extremes give ourselves a guide light for the next steps and establish a target in the vast ocean of blank canvas possibility.

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Defining shape

Shapes have power, and communicate primal, visual messages. By working in broad strokes we'll help amplify your character from the bottom up to communicate what they are about through how they look.

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Finding Truth

People respond to truth over detail: by allying your base design with a true moment of life we'll get your character to act, and come to life.

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Creating Attitude

How does your character stand out in a crowd of identically dressed others? By defining and imbuing attitude, we'll add a filter to your character that helps them project themselves, even standing still.

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Developing Action & Emotion

Our characters aren't mannequins; they move, and move with intent. We'll take a look at your character taking action with emotion.

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Where!? - A Characters Context

No character exists in a vacuum, and the best ones leave impact on their environment. We'll look at context and place, and how each affects the other.

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Moments that matter

The final test for your character in progress - meaningful interaction, and the creation of a moment that matters: one that will forge that desired connection with your audience.